We have a range of kayaks available for hire to suit the whole family.  The smaller kayak in the photo is suitable for anyone, and in particular children and teenagers, it is wide and stable, excellent for playing in the surf.   The beach opposite the units is shallow and safe with no rips, a wonderful experience for children to kayak surf.

Waihau Bay Charter Trips 

The Kayaks are fitted with a bungi cord attached to the padle so they will not be lost, plus we will fit you with kayak life jackets for a safe day on the ocean.  

The ocean kayak is suitable for all ages, it is also wide and stable and fitted with a flexible fabric seat, and pockets for personal belongings.  Take the kayak out through the waves and head in a north easterly direction to the area of the white cliffs, along the way you will be able to view the variety of sea life in the crystal clear water. Sponges, corals, sea urchins, paua, and a variety of fish are clearly visible beneath the ocean surface. If you are very lucky between December and April you may even get to paddle with the dolphins.   Further along the white cliff area is a tiny sandy bay where you could stop for a picnic, or refresh your self in the fresh waterfall.  Continue on to see the amazing rock formations, and caves before arriving at Whangaparoa beach, a long driftwood strewn and pebbly sandy beach.  Here you can stop and walk on the most historical beach in New Zealand, because this is the landing place of the first maori canoes, the 'Arawa' and 'Tainui', you will be able to see the rock where the canoes where first tethered.

Local diving around Waihau Bay

If you have always wanted to try kayaking, then talk to us no matter what your experience we will have you confidently paddling in no time.

Or if you already have a kayak, the calm seas and abundance of fish, will make your trip to the East Cape area a memorable experience, needless to say the kayak fishing enthusiasts travel here to try their luck and are very happy with the results.