Barry Sanford recienving Scuba School International award               

In 2002 the American based Scuba Schools International, which also operates in New Zealand, presented Barry with a Platinum Pro Instructor 5000 award for his achievements, which is the most meritorious award in Diving.   The image on the right shows Barry Sanford recieving his award from Riaan Woest, the business manager for Scuba Schools International.

Barry is also the President and training officer for the Waihau Bay coastguard.  His involvement with diving dates back more that 40 years. As a young man he became involved in spear fishing and scuba diving in the 1960's.  He has been president of the underwater exploration and aquadivers clubs, but moved into the commercial diving field.  A registered construction diver, he worked for himself contracting to New Zealand and international companies.

Through the years his work has involved construction, salvage, wharf, shipwork, hydro schemes, pipes and cable laying.  These jobs have all required specialised underwater skills like drilling, demolition, cutting, welding, using explosives and concrete work.  Over the years work has taken him through the seas and oceans of over 85 countries.  After leaving the dive contracting business, Barry spent 15 yeas (free diving) snorkelling for seafood.  Between times Barry has found time to own and run Dive shops, he has had charter boats, dive schools as well as various other business ventures.  



 If you have always wanted to learn about diving, then talk to Barry no matter what your experience with diving. He has dived the area extensively, and with our charter boat, will take you to the best spots.                                                                                                                                                                        



The East Cape of New Zealand is renown for its beautiful diving scenery and abundance of crayfish. Because of the regions remoteness, the area is relatively untouched.  It is one of those places where absolutely anything can happen.  It is not unusual to see sunfish, seals, whales, marlin, skipjack tuna, Kahawai or kingfish on the surface, and when diving there are giant boarfish, John Dory and large schools of blue moki.  In our charter boat Oceanside, we can take you diving in the crystal clear water near the rocks off Cape Runaway, Lottin Point or the east cape region.


Hire Tanks and Dive Fills are available in the bay, all other dive gear will need to be bought with you, or can be hired from Sportsworld in whakatane on your way through.